Labels are just that Labels


Your spiritual journey is yours and yours alone.  Whether that means you have a belief in something or a non belief.  I was raised in a Christian household and it never quite resonated with me.  The beautiful side of the religion: love, honor, gathering with your loved ones and grace are parts I carry with me.  However, the rest did not fit in with me.  I have family members that this bothers as well as friends.  That is okay because it is not for them to understand.  I have researched as many religions as I could as I felt I was missing something, a connection to source.

After frustrated with this for years, I started thinking that perhaps this religious mumbo jumbo was for the birds and considered myself an Atheist.  I kept having moments where I’d be shown signs that I was wrong and I just pressed on, frustrated and determined to live a life that could be proven.   I loved the beauty and peace of Buddhism however the story of Buddha seemed like a fairy tale to me.  I loved the story of Jesus, same thing.  There were so many stories that just seemed to me that, stories.

Then one day my son showed me a picture he had found online. I cannot remember the specifics of it, just that it was clear to me that source was in the picture.   At this time, to my surprise the Norse gods started getting my attention.  I loved what they stood for and was drawn to their strength.  Then I started seeing my friend was doing Marconics and becoming more whole.  I watched her and thought how great that was but it wasn’t for me.

Fast forward to this past year and I finally know who I am, I understand what I was missing.  I was able to go through my Recalibration, which will be another blog post.  There is nothing evil about it as I have seen online some believe.  It is pure love,  the kind of pure love that fills up your entire being and makes you look at the world differently.  All those religions, all those Gods just were getting me to this point.  Religion is where I had the issue not in the beauty of what the Universe offered.  I see that now clearly, however, it took a long time.

Since then I have had some loved ones speak to me with fear in their eyes, worried about my soul.  I can say with the utmost certainty that I have never felt more whole and more at peace with the world than I do now.  My soul is happy, actually, my soul is giddy.

Tomorrow, I start the journey that is Radiant Focus.  I will be to help others and grow in source and who I am.  The Universe has great plans for me and I am so grateful that I finally opened up and realized the beautiful gifts it was ready to bestow on me.